Archive has been moved

      Board of the Association Remember and Save and the editors of the site "Soviet Jews Exodus" hasten to share with visitors some good news:

      On June 24, 2010 a large proportion of the collected by the Association archival documents - and we managed to collect over 250 personal collections of members of the movement for free emigration of Jews to Israel - was successfully moved from Haifa, where documents were stored in insufficiently adapted for this purpose rooms, to the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People ( in Jerusalem, where storage conditions meet all the necessary requirements, as well as there are conditions to work with archival documents - the space and related equipment. The rest of the documents, after the completion of their treatment in Haifa, will also be transferred to the Central archive.

      Association staff with the assistance of the Central Archives is going to complete cataloging the entire archive and make it available to everyone.

      Association Board expresses its deep gratitude to the Director of the Central Archives Hadassah Assouline and Head of the Eastern Europe countries department, Benyamin Lukin, who kindly agreed to take archival documents collected by us under their wing.

      In the two attached pictures you can see part of the archive, prepared for shipment. (Because of too small depth of the room where the archives were located, we could not photograph it all in one shot, so we had to photograph separately left and right sides).