Dear friends, visitors of the site!

       Generally speaking, our site, by its very essence, is devoted to our past, to our fairly recent history. For the most part, everything published on it relates to events delineated by our lives in the former Soviet Union; basically concerning the second part of the 20th century. When we considered the structure of the site, we had not anticipated the possibility of having to create a section, devoted to events taking place in the present or even those which are scheduled to be held in coming years.

       We have learned, however, that we cannot ignore the present. Since the founding of the Association “Remember and Save” and of its website, its activity has become well known, and because of that, representatives of the Association were invited to participate in various undertakings in Israel and abroad, related to a certain extent to the Association’s field of activity. Moreover the Association itself has plans to arrange some programs based on the private archives of former refuseniks, prisoners of Zion and Aliyah activists which have been gathered over our period of activity.

       In other words, our editorial board came to conclusion that the site needs a section which will provide information about the various events and undertakings which have either taken place already or are planned for the near future. We also feel the need for a site to announce and report all news connected to the activity of the Association and other organizations, whose functioning is more or less related to the Soviet Jewry Exodus theme. Such a section is offered here for your attention.