Jews of Struggle Exhibition
in the Diaspora Museum, Tel Aviv

Dear friends,

The victorious Six-Day War in 1967 in Israel miraculously revived Jewish identity and sparked a national pride in Jews all across the Soviet Union. Forty year ago this historical event marked a turning point for Soviet Jews, and it can be said that it was forty years ago that the movement for Aliya began, starting as a tiny trickle which gradually grew into a powerful torrent leading to the immigration of over a million Jews to Israel.

Because of that this year, 2007, we are commemorating forty years of the Soviet Jews' movement for repatriation to Israel, forty years since Jews of Silence became Jews of Struggle. One of the numerous events dedicated to this commemoration is an exhibition Jews of Struggle which will take place in the Diaspora Museum (Beth Hatefutsoth), Tel Aviv. The concept of this exhibition was initiated by the Remember and Save Association and will be facilitated by the Diaspora Museum with participation of the Remember and Save Association.

Below is a flyer issued by the Diaspora Museum for the opening ceremony which will be held at October 30, 2007.

Site editorial board
Haifa, October 6, 2007