Collection In Memory of LYNN SINGER
has been published

In due time an obituary in memory of Lynn Singer was posted to the section “Who helped us” of our site. Lynn Singer was leader of the Long Island Committee for Soviet Jewry and a member of the board of Union of Councils for Soviet Jewry. Her personality was so strong and determined, and in the same time so warm and homely that we, refuseniks and prisoners of Zion, called her between us none other than by nickname “our Yiddishe mama”. She died at November 30, 2005, and at that time already, posting the obituary to our site, we had understood that just the obituary was too little to note properly that tremendous contribution to the fight of refuseniks for free repatriation and emigration made by our Yiddishe mama. And at that very time an idea was born to compile and to publish a collection in which everyone could tell about his or her personal feelings toward Lynn Singer as his or her heart could prompt. Such a collection was published in Israel in 2009. It was not an easy task, and it took time to complete it. More than 50 persons from Israel, USA and England responded to our call and wrote their essays different by size but permeated by the same feelings of high respect and love toward late Lynn Singer.

Visitors of our site are invited to see first and last covers of the book below, and to read an opinion about it of former refusenik Victoria Tsimberov.

Those who would like to have the book should apply to Executive Director of the Association Remember and Save Aba Taratuta by phone +972-4-8256959 or by E-mail: 

Edward Markov,
Deputy Executive Director,
Association Remember and Save.

Dear Aba and Ida

Thank you very much for sending me a book dedicated to the memory of Lynn Singer. You did a fantastic job - a real labor of love.
I never met her, although, you talked so much about her that I seem to know her quite well. Obviously, she was a remarkable person. I really liked somebody's expression that she had "somewhat of quiet power" about her, and I think it shines through her eyes in the picture you've chosen to put on the cover. We were very lucky to have people like Mrs. Lynn Singer on our side.

Thanks again,

July 12, 2009,
Ithaca, New York