In memory of SI FRUMKIN

From the site editorial board: One of the first materials appeared on our site in 2002 was an article written by Si Frumkin about his (and ours) friend Michael Sherbourne (see /English/WhoHelped_s/WhoHelpedSherbourne_En.shtml ). And now Michael Sherbourne has brought to us this sad and bitter news about decease of Si Frumkin forwarding to us a letter which he wrote to Ella Frumkin - now a widow of Si. And we decided - secured Michael's consent - to publish his letter in memory of Si Frumkin, because it seems to us that the letter was very, very touching, and that Michael is entitled more than anybody to say a word about his best friend - let his soul rest in peace.
P.S. Michael wrote several words in Russian - a language which they both knew very well (we supplied those words with translation into English in brackets).

Ella, Ella, dear Ella, dear, dear Ella,

Here in London, this once fine country England that has so deteriorated that it is like a Banana Republic, it is 3 o'clock in the morning, and I have been unable to sleep, I have been tossing and turning, and feeling that there was something telling me that I should get up and look at my incoming messages, and when I did, my heart turned over---- - - - - ---- and I read your message!!!

Si Frumkin is no more ? Neveroiatno! (Unbelievable!)

No, I cannot write in Russian, I can hardly write in my mother tongue, English, because my eyes are filled with tears, my heart is thumping so because it will not accept this unbelievable statement ...

Si is indomitable, his spirit is everywhere, his life will always be with us even if his physical body is not here.

Si was the finest man I have ever met in my long life of 92 years. Si was the embodiment of the very best of the "Kedoshim" of the Jewish people. Si was a proud Jew who made other Jews feel proud. Just to think of Si Frumkin always gave me encouragement and the energy to try to follow his example and do more for our people.

I cannot write any more at the moment because I cannot see to write.

Ella Dorogaya, ya obnimaiu tebya, kreko, krepko i tzeluiu
(Ella dear I embrace you, heartily, heartily and kiss)

Maikel Sherburn
(Michael Sherbourne)