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We already published at our site a story about the exceptional activity of members of Cleveland’s Jewish community in helping Soviet Jewry, written by Boris and Ester Kolker (in Russian). Click here.

In 1963, this group established the very first grass roots Soviet Jewry organization in America, the Cleveland Council on Soviet Anti-Semitism (CCSA). Over the next several years, councils for Soviet Jews were organized in other cities in North America. In 1970 they joined to help spearhead a national movement that played an essential role in the exodus of Soviet Jewry and also — together with refuseniks, prisoners of Zion and Soviet Jewish aliyah activists — contributed to the demise of the Soviet regime.

For further information we recommend a more comprehensive and detailed account by a member of the CCSA and its long time leader, Louis Rosenblum. The account was published as Cleveland's Role in the Soviet Jewry Movement. We invite you to click on that link – it is good reading for those interested in a closer look at a remarkable period of Jewish history.


Dear friends,

Please note that since May 2008, when an abbreviated version of Dr. Rosenblum's memoir was posted on the internet, three new sections have been added:

• October 2008 - Students and Housewives and Freedom Caravan
• February 2010 - The Government of Israel - The Elephant in the Room.


Dear Mr Markov

Dr Louis Rosenblum and I are pleased that your pages link to his extended memoir on Cleveland's role in the Soviet Jewry movement.

My site now links to your pages. "Remember and Save" has valuable archives, many of them available nowhere else on the internet. Thanks for performing this important service.

Arnold Berger, webmaster
Cleveland (Ohio) Jewish History

Dr Louis Rosenblum (left) and
Dr Arnold Berger, May 2008