Prisoners of Zion. 1953.

Boris Furman

Born in 1915 in Lithuania. Being a member of the Jewish organization “HaShomer HaTzair “, he was arrested in 1953. Made his aliyah in 1969.

Shlomo Grosberg

Born in 1922, in Hungary, he from 1945 was an activist in the Zionist-revisionist party “Poalei Agudat Israel” (Workers of the religious Israeli Community), where he organized a youth movement, called “Aliyah Beth”, which was involved in the underground repatriation of Holocaust survivors to Eretz Israel. In the early 50th he was the leader of the Hungarian net of the Orthodox Education of Jewish youth and kept a tight two-way connection with the Israeli Embassy in Budapest. At the beginning of 1953 he was arrested by the Hungarian Secret Service, and imprisoned in one of jails in Budapest. He was released in 1974, and made his aliyah in 1957.

Mordechai Kravetz

Born in 1918 in Russia, he was a Zionist his whole life. In 1951 he has a meeting with one of the workers of the Israeli Embassy in Moscow, and from that time he has been under surveillance of KGB. He was arrested in 1953 in Leningrad and sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment, which he served on the construction of Kuibyshev hydro-electrical station on Volga river. In 1956 he was pardoned, but only in 1976 was able to leave USSR for Israel.

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