Prisoners of Zion. 1955.

Moshe Brodsky

Moshe Brodsky was born in 1898 in the shtetl of Kaminka, Ukraine. From the very youth he entered the Zionist movement “Poaley Zion” (The Workers of Zion). In 1916, being a prominent activist he was elected to the Central Committee of the Poaley Zion party. He worked hard for the Zionist movement in Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia. When the authorities began prosecuting Zionists, he went underground and kept it quiet. Lived and worked in Moscow. In 1955 in Moscow he was arrested, and charged with distribution of Israeli propaganda literature and connections with Israeli Embassy. He was sentenced to 10 years in the Gulag, but after the appeal 4 years of his sentence were cut off. Spent his sentence in a high-security camp in Potma. After a usual request for pardon (2/3 of the sentence time), he refused to call himself guilty and to condemn Zionism. As a result he was not pardoned and served his sentence in full, almost 2 years more. Moshe Brodsky and his family made their aliyah in 1971. He died in 1977.

Rachel Guberman

Born on Dec. 12th 1905 in Warsaw, Poland, she from 1927 till 1934 was an activist in an underground Zionist organization. In 1955 she was arrested and charged with organizing of secret illegal repatriation of Jews to Israel. She spent 2 years in a prison plus 3 years in exile. Left USSR for Israel in 1966. Died in 1989.

Avraham Landman

Born in the town of Shepetovka in Ukraine. From his early youth he was a member of an underground Zionist organization in Moscow. In 1955 he was arrested for his connections with Israeli Embassy and conducting Zionist propaganda starting from 1948, and sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment. He was released in 1956 and left the USSR for Israel in 1972.

Ida (Ehudit) Rozhansky

Born in 1903 in Russia, she was in 1920th a member of the Poaley Zion party in the town of Krivoy Rog in Ukraine. In 1955 she was arrested in Moscow for her connections with Israeli Embassy and sentenced to 5 years in the Gulag. Spent the sentence in the Krasnoyarsk camp. Released in 1960 and together with her family left the USSR for Israel in 1977. Died in 1985.

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