Prisoners of Zion. 1973.

Haim Krichevsky

Born in 1947 in Tashkent to a traditionally observant family, he was forced to face the phenomenon of anti-Semitism both at school and in the army. This led to his joining the underground Zionist movement in Leningrad and working for Jewish freedom to emigrate to Israel. He was arrested several times but not tried. However, after the last arrest in 1972, he was charged with Zionist activity and sentenced to 2.5 years imprisonment in the Gulag. Released in 1975, he left for Israel several months later.

Pinkhas Pinkhasov

Born in 1935 in the Caucasus, he was arrested for his Zionist activities in 1973 and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in the Gulag, but was pardoned after 3 years due to petitions from Jewish and public figures in the USA. In 1976 he and his family went to Israel.

Alexander Feldman

Born in 1947 in the Soviet Union, he served in the Red Army from 1966 to 1969 and, on his release, joined the Zionist movement in Kiev, studied Hebrew and Jewish history. He published and distributed illegal materials in Hebrew. In 1972 he applied for an exit visa to go to Israel. This led to his being persecuted by the authorities; he was arrested several times, and his apartment was searched frequently. He took part in demonstrations in support of prisoners of Zion and for free Jewish emigration to Israel. Arrested in Kiev in 1973, he was charged with Zionist activities and sentenced to 3.5 years imprisonment in the Gulag. Released in 1977 he left for Israel in the same year.

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