Prisoners of Zion. 1980.

Victor Brailovsky

Born in 1935. In 1959 graduated from Moscow Power-Engineering Institute and also from Moscow State University (by correspondence, with a degree in mathematics) and started his job in a scientific research organization. In 1972 he applied for the exit visa for the first time, and was fired from his position because of this. He became an activist in the Zionist movement and from 1973 till 1980 was an editor of an underground magazine "Jews in USSR". Was one of the organizers of the famous "Jewish Scientific Seminar" and took part in this seminar from 1972 till 1980. Many times he was arrested by the authorities for short terms. In 1980 he was arrested for his role as an editor of "Jews in USSR", spent 10 months in a jail and was sentenced to 5 years in exile. One half of his sentence was commuted because of the time he spent in jail. He was in exile in the vicinity of the town of Shevtchenko (Kazakhstan). In 1984 he was released, but did not stop his Zionist activity and his work as an organizer and a lecturer in scientific seminars, among other things. He left the USSR for Israel in 1987. Now he lives in Tel-Aviv.

Gregory Geishis

Born in 1960 in Leningrad. In 1978 he was expelled from the university after he applied for the exit visa, which he was denied. In 1980 he avoided the draft into the Soviet Army because of his Zionist ideology, was arrested for this and sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment in the Gulag. Was released in 1982, but did not stop fighting for his rights of emigration until 1987, when he finally received the permission to go. He is a member of the Council and the Presidium of the Organization of Prisoners of Zion.

Moshe Zats

Born in 1937 in Zhitomir in the Ukraine. Received a degree in Civil Engineering. In 1978 he applied for the exit visa to go to Israel, but was denied. Here his fight for the rights of emigration from the Soviet Union began. In 1980 he was arrested, charged with the Zionist activity and sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment in the Gulag. In 1982 he was released and in 1983 left the USSR for Israel.

Alexander Magidowitz

Born in 1931, he was arrested in 1980, charged with "Dissemination of knowingly false fabrications that defame the Soviet State and social system", and sentenced to 2.5 years of imprisonment. Released in 1982. What happened with him afterwards is unknown.

From the list of the prisoners of Zion in the USSR published by the UCSJ and corrected on March 2nd of 1981.

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