Tenth Anniversary of the Six Day War, 1977. A lot of people gathered for this occasion and Arkady Mai’s lecture was very well put together. His story sparked a lot of interest in his listeners, which led to many questions, since few people knew the details of the war. Prominent in the foreground, is Tzilya Roitberg-Mendzheritsky. With her family actively involved in the Moscow aliya movement, Tzilya and her husband Milan’s house was a place for important meetings during the long fight to leave the country. The listeners can be seen sitting on logs and in front of them is a white stripe which is made of computer paper printouts that served as our table cloths. In the song about “Ovrazhki”, the words go: “We will roll out the “tables” on the grass/ We’ll say Lechaim,/ Our eyes will smile.” The “tables” in the song are the ones shown, made from computer printouts.
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