The audience and winners of the 2nd Festival of Jewish Song, 1979.
Reclining on the ground, refusenik Mark Terlitzky. Sitting on the log (left to right): Ariye Volvovsky - leader of the Festival and later a prisoner of Zion; Mila Kaganov – first prize winner and director of the children’s choir; Kira Razgon - singer and first prize winner; Misha Rosenshtein (with guitar) – Festival participant; Clara Lantzman – singer and Festival participant; Zhenya Finkelberg – musician and guitar player. Second row, standing (left to right): Lesha Magarik – refusenik, later a prisoner of Zion; Yuliy Kosharovsky – aliyah activist and Hebrew teacher; Eliyahu Essas – aliyah activist and Torah teacher; Lesha Lorenson – refusenik; Pasha Abramovich – aliyah activist and Hebrew teacher; Misha Nudler (wearing glasses, seated half way along) – Hebrew teacher and second leader of the festival; Igor Gurevich (to the right of Nudler) – Hebrew teacher; Mila Volvovsky (in the sheepskin coat with white collar and lapel) – aliyah activist; Ze'ev Prestin (with striped collared jacket) – aliyah activist and Hebrew teacher.
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