To our readers:

      You are about to look at the pages of our photo album. You will find, captured on film, different episodes from the lives of Refuseniks and Prisoners of Zion. These pictures were taken under very differing circumstances by very differing people using very differing photo equipment.

      Please try not to judge these pictures too severely. The equipment used was mostly non-professional, the circumstances were far from ideal and the photos were taken mostly by amateur photographers…(we would be glad to name them here, but alas...).

      But, what is most important is that these photos were made as mementos by and for the individuals concerned. At that time no one could have foreseen the coming of the Internet or that an Association would be founded to gather these pictures and all the information surrounding them, to be shown on this very Internet for all to see.

       Moreover, they had no idea whether they would even be free and, if so, when. They never lost hope....but they did not know.

      Hence, what you see before your eyes is real life as it was led at that time, captured on film; there were no thoughts, on anyone's part, of impressing anyone in the future, or understanding that sometime in the future these pictures will turn into documents of an epoch. It is maybe because of this very fact that these pictures are priceless.